Kwality Ltd. knows the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility towards all stakeholders in particular the rural. No doubt the company has commercial relationship with the rural milk producer and has set up a network of procurement activities. Company is well aware that the community of milk producers should be helped to increase the productivity of their cows and buffaloes through provision of various input facilities including how to reduce milk production cost.

Company is pursuing milk producer’s centric approach and committed to promote transparent and fair milk procurement system. Company has visualized and recognized that milk producers are the major stake holders in the milk procurement system.

Long inter-calving period and short lactation period are major constrains in enhancing per animal productivity, to address these problems. The Company provides the following services as a part of their CSR Initiative:-

Supply of Cattle Feed

The purchase of milk is a core commercial activity. In addition Kwality has mounted milk productivity enhancement programme covering the dairy animals of the milk producers. This is one of the most important imitative taken up as Corporate Social Responsibility. Company provides balanced cattle feed sold on no-profit-no-loss basis to meet with the requirement of dairy farmer’s needs and preferences. Balanced cattle feed is manufactured accordingly feed formulations of the Bureau of Indian Standards. Feed is sold under the brand of DAIRY BEST in 40 kg bags in mash form.

Dairy Animal Health Supplements

For improving the health and immunity of the dairy animals, Kwality is supplying quality feed supplements manufactured by the NDDB subsidiary company. Company covers 300 villages in Uttar Pradesh and 250 villages in Rajasthan. Plans are underway to cover more villages in the coming years to provide quality medicines and vaccines for the animals. Company had served free veterinary services through trend doctors/staff and through audio visual presentation and has also collaborated with the NDDB-IIL to provide animal breeding services to milk producer members of the company in 287 villages. The programme is likely to be extended further in the coming years.

Credit for purchase of dairy animal-kakky yojana

Kwality has also signed Memorandum of understanding with Allahabad Bank, Bank of India and the Punjab National Bank for financing of dairy animals to the milk producers in Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. The dairy animal induction programme through the Allahabad Bank has been titled as the “Kwality Ltd. Allahabad Bank Kisan Kalyan Yojana (KAKKY)”.

Farmer capacity building activities

It is widely recognized that the dairy and animal husbandry education and research is well spread in India. But the major deficiency is taking the results of lab research and developmental education to the milk producers who are the end users. Company took up a major programme for rural level capacity building. Workshops were conducted to prepare our field staff so that they are made capable and efficient in communication to the milk producers. The subjects included livestock nutrition, health and animal productivity. Company’s rural extension team conducted a few workshops for village level service providers covering 580 VSPs.

Company’s extension team and VSPs together then conducted 598 milk producers’ awareness programme. A total of 12,555 milk producers participated in these educational and awareness development workshops at village level.

Women participation

Smt. Sona Devi from Sabka village and Smt. Kunti Devi from Sirsali village, Uttar Pradesh participated as company’s delegates in the Second All Indian Women Entrepreneurs Workshop held on 21st February 2013 in Delhi. Smt. Sona Devi shared her experiences of managing a small dairy animal- herd of 10 animals as women dairy entrepreneurs. Her efforts and contribution was applauded by the delegates. On the same day, both of them were invited by the All India Radio, New Delhi. They delivered talks sharing their practical experience and wisdom on dairy animals feeding, breeding and management. Their talk was later broadcast by the AIR under ‘Krishi Jagat’ programme.